Know about Shahiwal breed of cow

Know about Shahiwal breed of cow

Many folks rear cows. Many human beings plan to start a cow farm. But he does now not have a proper concept of ​​which breed of cow he desires to improve. So today we’ve got Shahiwal cow advent for you.

1. Availability and distribution
This breed of farm animals originated specifically in the central and southern arid regions of Punjab. But specifically it is determined in Sir Bernard Law, Pakistan. Currently this variety is located in maximum essential cities of Punjab, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh. This breed is also determined in Pakistan, India and a few countries in the Asian continent.

Local Name : Multani, 1st viscount montgomery of alamein

Origin: Origin of Shahiwal farm animals in 1st viscount montgomery of alamein district of Punjab, Pakistan.

Distribution: Although the beginning is in Pakistan, this breed is unfold in many countries consisting of Bangladesh, India

• Slow and quiet nature, plump heavy frame, thin and loose skin
• Short legs, brief and complete horns, Ejat cow’s horns circulate, vast head
• Bull crests are excessively big
• Calf is massive which hangs down, tail is quite long, nearly touching the floor, tip of the tail has a conspicuous tuft of black hairs.
• Cow’s udder is massive, broad, gentle and lean, buttocks are long, thick and lightly fashioned.
• Body weight of bull is 500-520 kg and cow is 250-400 kg.

Requirements and Production:

Shahiwal cow is an splendid breed for milk production. Cows of this breed supply about 2150 liters of milk in three

hundred days in rural conditions. The cows reared in the farm give approximately four-five thousand liters of milk.


Why breed Shahiwal cows?

Caste: Shahiwal
Shahiwal livestock are a well-known breed of farm animals in South Asia, especially raised for milk. It originates from Shahiwal district of Punjab province of Pakistan. Shahiwal cows produce the maximum milk a number of the South Asian cow breeds. Its milk best is also superb.

Original Name: Shahiwal

Place of Birth: Punjab, Pakistan
Distribution: Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Australia
Uses: Milk, meat manufacturing and processing.

Average Weight:

Cow : 300-450kg

Bull: four hundred-750 kg

Skin Color: Brownish crimson to grayish purple
Annual average milk production: 4000-5000 litres
Fat: 5-6%

Horn: Yes

Some Important Characteristics: Slow and calm nature, plump heavy frame, thin and scaly pores and skin. Legs are quick, horns short and complete, the horns of Ejat cows circulate, the top is huge. Bull’s cunts are excessively huge. The blanket is huge and hangs down, the tail is quite long, almost touching the ground, with a outstanding tuft of black hairs on the tip of the tail. Cow’s udder is huge, wide, soft and lean, buttocks are long, thick and flippantly shaped.

As a South Asian breed, this cow is ideally suited to the surroundings of our country. The immunity of this cow is likewise plenty higher than different overseas cows. Fat content material in milk is also inside the highest list.

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